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The Shearwater Swift transmitter was designed with the use of multiple transmitters in mind. It “listens” for other transmitters in the vicinity, and dynamically changes its transmit interval to avoid interference.

It works with all pre-existing Shearwater AI computers, and likely to work with computers from other brands that use MH8A marked transmitters. However, operation with dive computers from other brands cannot be guaranteed.

4-transmitter support has been added in a recent free firmware update to all Shearwater AI compatible computers. This new feature allows the gas pressure of up to 4 cylinders to be viewed simultaneously.

The Swift has many improvements over legacy Shearwater transmitters:

The active interference avoidance system allows multiple transmitters to work side-by-side without signal interference The maximum recommended number of legacy transmitters was two (one grey, one yellow)
The indicator LED provides quick diagnostic information
Smaller than legacy Shearwater transmitters
Has a robust metal base that allows for hand installation without the need for special tools or wrenches
Double O-ring design reduces the chance of a flood after a battery change
Unlikely to be mistaken for a tank valve knob
Designed and built in British Columbia, Canada

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