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The Seac Smart BCD is a traditional jacket characterized by a reinforced bladder and a quick release weight system. Seac Smart is a robust, compact and easy to use BCD, great for beginner divers and those who love to travel. On both sides there are separate pockets for weights and accessories. The lead pockets have two openings with Velcro, one, upper, to insert lead and another, lower, to ensure the quick release of the weight in case of necessity. The lead release system is a Safety Release type with a silver buckle and handle for high visibility. The accessory pockets close with robust anti-corrosion zippers.

Quick-release ballast pockets

The weight pockets have two openings with Velcro, one at the top for inserting the weights and another at the bottom to ensure quick release of ballast when needed.

Reinforced bag

Traditional BCD with a reinforced bag with overpressure valves.

Safety release system

Safety release system with silver buckle and handle for increased visibility.

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