Seac DX200 ICE din 300bar set


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DX200 ICE regulator

First stage material: Forged brass with sanded chrome finish.
First stage features: High-performance balanced diaphragm, total insulation from outside, maximum safety and simplicity during maintenance. 
Second stage material: technopolymers, elastomers, with components in metal and covered with "Luxury Technology" treatment for abrasion resistance. 
Second stage features: Possibility to regulate both respiratory exertion and the Venturi effect. 
HP outlets: 2 
LP outlets: 4, of which 2 inclined at 20° and 2 inclined at 30°.

X100 Octopus
X100 Octo material: technopolymers, elastomers and ultralight alloys (Hi-Flex hose included).

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DIVETECH© 2024. All Rights Reserved.