Santi Smart Glove Drooghandschoenring Set


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Santi Smart Dry Gloves – dry gloves rings system for SmartSeals.

Santi SmartGloves is a self-assembled dry gloves system, compatible with Santi SmartSeals rings system. Its main advantage is the flexibility that allows the diver to put on and take off the gloves effortless. It allows to operate the equipment easier and reach hard accessible places during the dives. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be used by divers with various hand sizes. The system characterizes with an extremely large sealing surface as well as high resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions.
Santi SmartGloves rings for assembly dry gloves are designed for Santi SmartSeals users.

The Santi SmartGloves set includes:

  • mounting ring
  • ring cover
  • o-ring for dry gloves assembly (thinner)
  • locking ring
  • sealing o-ring (thicker

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