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Smaller, lighter, simpler and better, the new Halcyon Balanced P-Valve. The balancer, which was previously bulky attached to the hose, is now integrated into the valve.

Many divers credit Halcyon’s streamline P-Valve with being among their best equipment purchases. The enhanced comfort and peace of mind redefine one’s diving experience. Whether you are interested in a short, comfortable dive or face log decompression obligations, the Streamline P-valve can provide a new level of diving comfort. 

  • unique cover allows easy operation even when wearing gloves
  • slim design eliminates the need for bulky connections
  • the balancing valve is integrated into the solid Delrin body, eliminating the risk of infection from the surrounding water
  • the valves have been chosen to create minimal back pressure, which enhances comfort

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DIVETECH© 2024. All Rights Reserved.