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Heat Moldable regulator mouthpiece


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hermoformable mouthpiece for diving regulator

Thanks to the thermoformable mouthpiece for regulator, your regulator will be easier to hold.

You will gain comfort and safety.

To use the moldable expander mouthpiece, simply hold it in hot water for a few moments.

It must then be kept in the mouth while biting the mouthpiece. That's it, your mouthpiece is now adapted to your oral morphology.

To remold the thermoformable mouthpiece, just let it soften in very hot water!

Thermoformable regulator mouthpiece instructions for use

  • Step 1: Insert the mouthpiece "UP" into the mouth, trimming the excess material so that it does not touch the back of the gum.
  • Step 2: Hold the tip on the black handle and immerse the whole assembly for 10-20 seconds in hot water at 90/100°C. Do not remove the handle yet.
  • Step 3: Remove the mouthpiece from the water, leaving it to cool for 6/15 seconds. Place tip in mouth and bite gently to shape.
  • Step 4: After shaping, remove the black pins on the sides and handle. If the desired result is not achieved, repeat steps 1 to 4.

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