Fourth Element Argonaut 3.0

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The Argonaut 3.0 is available in a choice of fabrics and colours that maximise flexibility and durability. Choose from the colour options for torso and legs to see how your suit could look.Only available made to measure for the perfect fit and function.

Reconfigured zipper
Running from right shoulder to left hip for improved gas management and comfort

Articulated for trim
New leg design allows perfect fit and freedom of movement when diving in trim

Redesigned telescopic torso
Allows maximum range of movement with increased flexibility

Self adjusting warm neck collar
New warm neck design allows easier fitting of hoods and adjusts to give a snug fit for latex and neoprene neck seals only

Fabric Options

- Stealth (Nylon) Trilaminate
- Flex (Polyester) Trilaminate -> black top and black legs
- Stealth Hybrid (Nylon/Polyester) Trilaminate

Opting for our Stealth fabric means lightweight but hardwearing protection. The combination of stretch and lightweight durability gives unparalleled freedom of movement during your dive.

Our Flex fabric is specially engineered for durability and comfort to create a rugged suit. Originally designed for military use, the fabric is laminated with a flexible butyl layer to provide protection without becoming rigid.

The two fabrics can be combined to form our ‘Stealth Hybrid’ suit with Stealth on the top and Flex on the lower half to provide outstanding mobility and durability.

Boot Options

- 'Standard' 4mm Compressed Neoprene Boot
- 'Tech' 2.5mm Compressed Neoprene Boot
- 2.5mm Compressed Neoprene Sock

Choose from 4mm or 2.5mm compressed neoprene boots with reinforced heels and toes and velcro strap to secure your foot in place. Each features fin strap retainers and comes with ergonomic insoles for extra comfort.

The Standard Dry-boot is the more rigid and heavyweight of the two dry-boot options. It is well suited for shore-entry dives or for when terrain is rough.

The Tech Dry-boot has less vulcanised rubber, making it lighter-weight and more flexible and is particularly popular with divers likely to be performing more complex finning.

Alternatively you can opt for our 2.5mm compressed neoprene socks which allows you to wear your own choice of boot on top.

Wrist Seal Options

- Latex
- Neoprene
- Ellipse with replaceable silicone seals
- Ultima
- Si-Tech QCP XL

Hard-wearing and inexpensive, latex seals are a popular choice for recreational and technical divers alike.

Our 3mm neoprene wrist seals are considered by some divers to be more comfortable than latex seals and stand up to abrasion well.

The Ellipse wrist system uses silicone seals and provides an easy solution for dry gloves. Designed by fourth element and manufactured by Si-Tech. The seals can be easily swapped out enabling quick repairs. If you wish to wear drygloves, please select the 'Ellipse Dryglove Attachment' option.

Machined from anodised aluminium to protect against corrosion, PSI, the premium dry glove system is designed to work with the Si-Tech PU suit ring to allow a quick and easy change of silicone wrist seals. The glove-to-suit sealing o-ring seals confidently with little effort thanks to a user-friendly colour coded bayonet lock.

The Si-Tech QCP XL (Quick Cuff Platform) is only recommend for divers with large hands, who may struggle to get their hands through the oval ring of the Ellipse system. Using larger, round rings, the Si-Tech QCP XL system also has the benefit of easily replaceable silicone seals.

Neck Seal Options

- Latex
- Neoprene
- Si-Tech Silicone Neck System

Latex neck seals are hard-wearing and inexpensive, these are a popular choice for recreational and technical divers alike.

Our 3mm neoprene neck seals are considered by some divers to be more comfortable than latex seals and stand up to abrasion well.

The Si-Tech option utilises the Quick Neck System. The more flexible ring offers greater comfort and ease of movement with the added benefit of being able to change out silicone seals quickly and easily. A Si-Tech combi-tool is included.

Valve options

- Si-Tech
- Apeks
- Apollo

Choose from the Si-Tech ‘Shell’ inflation valve and ‘Argo’ dump valve, or the low profile Apeks Swivel valve with Seatec inflation nipple and automatic dump valve.

You can also specify a DIR/GUE exhaust valve placement where the exhaust valve sits further back on the arm to allow easier dumping of air when in horizontal trim with arms forward. This option is not recommended for divers with limited arm or shoulder mobility.

Our new Apollo ‘Bio valves’ are Japanese-made and offer a unique exhaust valve mechanism, allowing intuitive dumping of air even when wearing thick drygloves.

Pocket Options

- Two
- One (left or right)
- None

Two generous pockets are included as standard with each Argonaut drysuit. Each pockets contains two bungee loops inside the main pocket along with a wetnotes sleeve and a D-ring. The outer zipped mini pocket contains two further bungee loops.

You can opt to have just one or no pockets. At 3.5l volume per pocket, Argonaut pockets are one of the biggest pockets offered on the market.

P-Valve Options

- Si-Tech
- Light Monkey
- Halcyon

The Si-Tech is a balanced, pressure compensated p-valve. Its design is simple and easy to clean. It is very low profile at less than 2cm high when mounted to the drysuit.

Machined from solid Delrin®, the Light Monkey p-valve is a robust, balanced p-valve with engraved fourth element logo. It comes with a ‘quick disconnect’ to aid quick and easy changes.

With a solid Delrin® body, the Halcyon Streamline p-valve is a robust, balanced p-valve allowing easy operation, even when wearing drygloves.

You have the choice of fitting your p-valve on the left or right leg.

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